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Polyester filament twisted thread in dye tube
Amy Li, Sales Rep. for sewing thread, industrial yarn. Plastics recycling trading specialist. Bonded nylon thread, polyester bonded thread, high tenacity multifilament polypropylene yarn, twisted pp yarn, twisted polyester thread. nylon waste, nylon 66 fiber waste, nylon 6.6 thread waste, airbag waste, coated airbag trims. ascend nylon 66 off grade pellets, floor sweep, nylon purge.
polyester embroidery sewing thread, Trilobal polyester yarn for embroidery sewing thread

Amy Li, is a sales representative for a reputable commission twisting yarn and sewing thread manufacture.  Our factory is conveniently located in Nantong City, China, which is 3 hours drive from Shanghai airport.  

The factory is ISO 9001 and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Our facility has the most advanced top of the line twisting process equipments. Our team specializes in high tenacity filament twisted yarn, thread and bonded sewing thread manufacturing for over 20 years.

Our equipments:
Double twist machine - can process up to 4kg package twisted thread
Single twist machine - can make up to 2kg knotless twisted thread
Precision winding machine - digital controlled panel
High speed winding machine
Heat set equipment​

Sales Rep. for industrial yarn, sewing thread and plastics recycling, specializing in nylon waste recycling.
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